We finally did it. We hacked faster-than-light travel. It was a new era for humanity, taking us beyond the solar system. We even made new friends, a race that came from beyond the stars, bearing knowledge and technology we couldn't imagine. But like all friends, they came with baggage. We had no idea what their arrival would bring. It brought hope, fear, opportunity, chaos, change, and stagnation. And that was before their enemies arrived. We found ourselves in the middle of a conflict we didn't know existed, ill-prepared, outgunned, and with our civilization coming apart at the seams. This is the story of our darkest hour. This is our mosaic, a work of the living, the dead, the genius, the foolish, and everyone in between. It tells the story of how we almost faded away, how we most almost faced extinction. One thing is for sure. Humanity will never be the same. We will all be scarred forever.

Scarred Earth is a mosaic novel of humanity's struggle to survive the most devastating thing to happen to humans as a species. A story told piece by piece, following dozens of different threads and an array of narrative and non-narrative formats, it builds a complete picture of a struggle for survival that is more than the sum of its parts. 

Part I of Scarred Earth tells the story of humanity's first daring move beyond our solar system, and the complications that followed. After knowing we could travel to other stars, people began to wonder what the next move was. Held back by fear and indecision, humanity was unprepared for what came next: First Contact. A group of Alien visitors arrived calling themselves The Tarrare. Insectoid creatures with synthesized voices and a single starship that hovered in orbit over our planet, they promised something simple: knowledge and cooperation. Things can never be that simple though. The knowledge the Tarrare gave us stoked fears, caused upheaval none could have predicted, inflamed prejudices, and put all of humanity in a bunker mentality. Little did we know that the Tarrare were not the first Aliens that would pay us a visit, and the next would not be so patient or accomodating. Soon, humanity found itself in a reluctant alliance with the Tarrare visitors, fighting off a savage Alien race that began methodically destroying every pillar of human civilization that they could. What humanity survived? Even if it did, could it pull itself together enough to band with the Tarrare and stop these new invaders?