Monday Morning Fuel: Frankie Sinatra - Avalanches

This is the sort of free-wheeling sample virtuosity that only people that have an encyclopedic knowledge of music or who are on a lot of drugs (or both) can pull off. Bouncing off a strange old calypso sample, a fuzzy tale of drugs, cops, women, and drinking from master lyricist Danny Brown spills out over a horny (but mostly tuba-powered) beat that is one of the most memorable I've ever heard just based on its pure random, bouncy, and off-kilter sense of joy. Really, the video says a lot, and only adds many more layers to this joyous romp through the strange. And then, at the end, MF Doom shows up. Just when you think there couldn't be anything more  to cap off a maliciously goofy Avalanches experience.