Monday Morning Fuel: Dessa - Fighting Fish

Dessa is never easy to classify. Is she a singer? A rapper? A poet? A philosopher? Or, like some indestructible, perfect adamantium alloy, is she all of those things scorched together into a purer and harder version of all of the above? Sure, there are certain songs that can get you going. They may not be uplifting, but they may get the blood thumping, or they may force you to think. Think in a way that electrifies the mind like a lightning blast through your soul. 

Dessa's music is like that. There are plenty of people who make intricate music you can always go back to and hear new layers folded within like a pocket of dry hopped piney bitterness or a tannin that hits you with a tart note you didn't see coming. There are a few people who write deep lyrics you can hear again and again, thinking of different interpretations, picking up allusions you didn't see before. Dessa is both. I've gone through Dessa tracks and albums over and over again, and even when I haven't I will see things or dream things that remind me of them. As much as I love Doomtree, her solo work is something I find ever more complex and compelling, even if it might be a simple anthem like this. This song is years old, but I think about it, its words, and its wall of defiant energy at least once a week. Or is it a simple anthem at all? Is it deeper than that? The questions and reflections never end.