Monday Morning Fuel: Nortec Collective - Tengo La Voz

No cross-section of artists on Earth sounds quite like the Nortec Collective. This loose amalgamation of musicians and producers put out solid gold for a long time with their rousing and space-age fusion of traditional music and electronica. As much as I've enjoyed at least a few tracks from all of their offerings, Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3 has always been my favorite. It perfectly blends the horns, synths, and drum machines into an irresistible cocktail of musical combustion. "Tango La Voz," the album opener, is a weird sort of mantra I often find repeating to myself during trying times. I don't know what I'm trying to tell myself that I have, or maybe I'm just trying to force myself to remember this blazing horn riff. Either way, it always lifts my spirits in the way all the best Nortec Collective tracks do.